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1992, London

Delia Detritus artistic practice spans a variety of mediums, including sculpture, music, woodcarving, tattoo, and writing. Self-taught, Delia’s work explores autobiographical subjects that evoke emotions such as desire and isolation. Her carving practice, where she repurposes reclaimed wood from London parks and bicycle innertubes into impact toys, explores the nature of touch, and being touched, as a trans woman. This year, Detritus co-curated In dedication with The Koppel Project and We Exist. She was also one of the contributing artists in the show.

Ahead of the show, Delia stated: “These are pieces about re-addressing our relationship to intimacy... About dreaming of reaching down to touch yourself only to find a new body that awaits you. About the many who have touched your body in ways that cause pain and about finding someone that knows exactly how to touch you, about forging a new flesh, a new touch. It’s about falling in love.”

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