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You Will Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties brings together works on paper by four of Britain's most exciting emerging artists. Each known for their mastery of composition and colour, the playful artworks in this show recreate the everyday within each artist's own unique perspective of reality.  Participating artists: David Horgan, Frankie Thorp, Matt Macken, and Nimah Birch. 


Frankie Thorp is a London-based artist who explores the humour and familiarity found in everyday objects. Her work is a modern twist on traditional still life painting, with kitsch 70s and 80s references such as cocktails and retro desserts. Frankie's still life table-scapes often evoke an implied narrative, perhaps the beginning or end of a party or gathering with friends. Frankie studied illustration at the London College of Communication. 

Lemons & Boob Jug by Frankie Thorp button

Cheeky Negroni by Frankie Thorp

Cheeky Negroni by Frankie Thorp button

Lemons & Limes by Frankie Thorp

Lemons and Limes by Frankie Thorp
Campari & Oranges by Frankie Thorp button
Tomatoes by Frankie Thorp button


Matt Macken explores the human condition through his painterly process and does so with innate sensitivity and humour. Matt works in series, creating various artworks at a time. This leads to recurring symbols, themes, and narratives in his work. Matt has recently exhibited with  Saatchi Gallery, Delphian Gallery, and Arusha Gallery. His works are owned by various collectors and collections around the world, including the Soho House permanent art collection. Matt lives and works in Leicester.

Bottle of Piss by Matt Macken button
Lowe Riff by Matt Macken button
Layla by Matt Macken button

Lemons & Limes by Frankie Thorp

Rita by Matt Macken button
Dreams by Matt Macken button
City at Night by Matt Macken


David Horgan is a self-taught, London-based painter interested in storytelling and social commentary. David conveys fictional narratives, often with figurative scenes expressed through a fast-paced, raw, and emotive style, all suffused with a healthy dose of humour. David’s inspiration comes from an amalgamation of every day life and experience intermingled with popular culture and iconography. His work has been exhibited internationally, including in Spain, Australia, Denmark, and the Netherlands. 

Best Idle Regards by David Horgan button
Power Couple by David Horgan button
Direct Therapy by David Horgan button
Costume Of The Day by David Horgan button
Cowboy Dreams by David Horgan button
La Woman by David Horgan button
Authentically Weird by David Horgan button


Niamh Birch employs thick luscious paint and harsh black marks to create highly expressive artwork. Her work harks back to the rich history of still life in art but is repositioned within a fresh and humourous narrative. Niamh has participated in several shows since graduating with a 1:1 in Contemporary Arts Practice at Bath Spa University in 2019, including New Colour Now at Livingstone St Ives (2022), No Place Like Home at The Fitzrovia Gallery (2022), Works on Paper 3 at Blue Shop Cottage (2021), and Tempo at The Brick Lane Gallery (2020).

Big Blue by Niamh Blue button
Blue & Yellow by Niamh Birch button
Pink Table by Niamh Birch button
Photo Frame by Niamh Birch button
Purple Little Curtains by Niamh Birch button
Green Cutlrey by Niamh Birch button

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