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Loverman by Matt Macken




Acrylic on Canvas

80 x 60cm 

Matt Macken’s painterly process aims to explore intimate and personal aspects of the human condition. Collecting artistic inspiration from his own memories, photographs, social media platforms, and inbox messages, Macken amalgamates snippets of everyday experiences into his subject matter. Macken works in series, creating various artworks at a time. This leads to recurring symbols, themes, and narratives in his work. While Matt previously focused primarily on printmaking, he now focuses on painting and drawing. He has recently exhibited with Delphian Gallery, Saatchi Gallery, and Arusha Gallery. His works are owned by various collectors and collections around the world, including the Soho House permanent art collection. Matt lives and works in Leicester.

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6. Loverman 2 Electric Boogaloo. acrylic _ canvas collage on canvas. 80x60cm. 2022. MMacke
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