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Inspired by the master by Lee Cameron




Acrylics on canvas  
120 x 150cm

Lee Cameron grew up in the Scottish Highlands, before relocating to London at age 18 to pursue a hairdressing career, going on to establish himself as one of London’s most celebrated stylists. In July 2020 Lee picked up a paintbrush for the first time. His paintings combine crude forms, fashioned in deep emotive colours, with snippets of text which leave clues towards a larger narrative that the viewer is left to piece together. ‘Intersections’ features his most recent body of paintings, the nostalgic Caravan Series. Lee's work fuses melancholy and humour, with a distinctly British edge.

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Shipping & Taxes

  • Works on paper have a set shipping cost of £10 to the UK.

  • Global shipping is available on all artworks.

  • All artworks are sent tracked, signed for, and insured.

  • If you are located outside of the UK your home country may now charge you import duty.  We apologise that we cannot help you with this issue. 

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